Project 02

Characterization of mitochondria-ER contact sites and their role in cellular signalling

Mitochondria and the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) form close appositions designated as contact sites which are implicated in several cellular functions (e.g. calcium buffering, lipid trafficking, mitochondrial morphology), and their disruption has been associated with neurodegenerative diseases. It remains unclear how these contact sites are assembled and regulated, and how the disruption of ER-mitochondria contacts affects the rest of the cell, in particular cellular signalling. This project will (1) characterize a novel interaction of an integral mitochondrial protein to an ER-resident protein and (2) study how mitochondrial malfunction affects the stability and formation of ER-mitochondria contacts in cultured cells and primary cortical neurons and what are the signalling consequences of perturbation on ER-mitochondria contacts.

Principal investigators

Dr. Ira Milosevic

European Neuroscience Institute Göttingen
Synaptic Vesicle Dynamics
Grisebachstraße 50
D-37077 Göttingen
+49 551 39 12379 (phone)
i.milosevic(at) (e-mail)

Dr. Nuno Raimundo

University Medical Center Göttingen
Department of Cellular Biochemistry
Humboldtallee 23
D-37073 Göttingen
+49 551 39 12809 (phone)
nuno.raimundo(at) (e-mail)