Project P13

Protein transport along the mitochondria carrier pathway

Multispanning inner membrane proteins with internal targeting signals are transported into mitochondria by a specific import pathway. TOM70 is the receptor for this class of precursor proteins and directs them to the TOM complex. The TIM22 complex mediates inner membrane insertion utilizing the Delta Psi as driving force. Only a hand full of substrates has been experimentally defined and the mechanism of transport is only poorly understood. Here we will define the substrates of the carrier pathway and to identify proteins that promote the transport of carrier pathway substrates through the cytoplasm. Our goal is to characterize the human carrier translocase. Since transport along the carrier pathway has only been analyzed in vitro, we will address how this process is integrated into the cellular context. Recent advancements in mass spectrometry and super resolution microscopy allow us to assess the molecular organization of proteins in the cellular context. Here we aim to define the molecular environment and spatial organization of the carrier pathway.

Principal investigator

Prof. Dr. Peter Rehling

University Medical Center Göttingen
Department of Cellular Biochemistry
Humboldtallee 23
D-37073 Göttingen

+49 551 39 5947 (phone)
Peter.Rehling(at) (e-mail)