Project P17

PM-ER-MITO contact sites in mitochondrial Ca2+ and redox signalling

Mitochondria play an essential and multifunctional role in healthy and in tumour cells. In order to control their different intracellular functions, a highly dynamic system of communication exists between mitochondria (MITO) and cellular organelles and structures such as the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and the plasma membrane (PM). PM-ER-MITO contact sites regulate ion and lipid trafficking and provide platforms for signalling. However, it is not clear how mitochondrial contact sites are regulated in healthy or in tumour cells and how alterations in their structural organization affect calcium (Ca2+) and redox signalling, and ultimately cell behaviour. We aim to understand these dynamic processes, characterize ER-MITO and PM-MITO contact sites in healthy and cancer cells; then integrate this knowledge to unravel the role of mitochondrial contact sites in the regulation of Ca2+ and redox signalling and thereby cancer pathobiology.

Principal investigator

Prof. Dr. Ivan Bogeski

University Medical Center Göttingen

Department of Cardiovascular Physiology
Humboldtallee 23
D-37073 Göttingen

+49 551 65520 (phone)
ivan.bogeski(at) (e-mail)